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Carina Bissett

        Social Media Manager

Tahlia Merrill (Editor)

Tahlia Merrill (married name "Kirk") is the editor of Timeless Tales. She broke into the world of fairy tale retelling as a short story writer and intern for Enchanted Conversation Magazine.


After graduating from Westmont College, she created a webzine of her own, expanding it to include classic mythology, a personal passion of hers.


To read about her adventures in writing-land, you can check out her personal blog:

Carina scours the internet for tasty content to feed to our ravenous Facebook and Twitter pages.

When she's not taming the dragon of social media, she spends her time crafting twisted fairy tales and cross-pollinated mythic fiction (she's had several published in TT, in fact). For links to stories and poems, stop by

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