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I wrote my first draft of this story in high school. Our assignment was to write a short story using a certain number of elements of Romantic literature (as in Romanticism, not romantic relationships) plus it had to incorporate a rather lengthy vocabulary list. Years later, a shortened version won a contest and became the first short story I ever had published.


"2 Knights" started with my dissatisfaction over the famous version of Sleeping Beauty (at the time, I was unaware that the even more distasteful orginal tale involved rape). It's horrible to imagine two people getting married without knowing anything about one another beforehand. I wanted them to develop a real relationship and I wanted their relationship to be a choice, not simply a matter of destiny. Hence, the need for the princess to talk. Everything else followed from that kernel. 



Tahlia Merrill

Tahlia Merrill (married name "Kirk") is the editor of Timeless Tales. She broke into the world of fairy tale retelling as a short story writer and intern for Enchanted Conversation Magazine.


After graduating from Westmont College, she created a webzine of her own, expanding it to include classic mythology, a personal passion of hers.


To read about her adventures in writing-land, you can check out her personal blog:

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